You Can Now Buy 2012 iMac Models Starting Today

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

At the iPad mini release event we were treated to a host of new products. The highlight of that event was obviously Apple’s 7-inch iPad. Apart from that the company made a series of announcements. For me the real show stopper that day were the new 2012 iMac models. Even Apple agrees as it itself says that these iMacs are the most beautiful iMacs they have ever made. I am yet to see anyone disagree with Apple’s assertion.

After the announcement had been made, Apple refrained from providing a concrete release date for these new 2012 iMacs. Rather it said that the 21.5-inch version would go on sale and ship in November and the 27-inch model would ship in December. The company is true to their word. You can now buy 2012 iMac models straight from Apple itself or its wide variety of resellers.

2012 imac You Can Now Buy 2012 iMac Models Starting Today

Sources indicate that perhaps Apple is facing some issues with regards to the production of these new iMacs. Apple Retail Stores have received stocks of these new iMacs but reportedly some stores have received alarmingly low levels of stock. It has been rumored a number of times that shipments of the new iMacs are likely to get delayed as production is not enough to meet increasing demand.

At this point in time only the 21.5-inch model is readily available from Apple. The 27-inch model can be preordered through the online Apple Store. Further confirming that supply is not consistent with the demand is the fact that shipping estimates for 27-inch 2012 iMac slipped to 2-3 weeks after preorders were started being taken. On the other hand the 21.5-inch model will ship between 1-3 business days if ordered from Apple’s online store. Customers have the option of just walking in to their nearest Apple Store and picking a unit up from there, if that particular Apple Retail Store has the new 2012 iMacs in stock.

We can be certain that Apple will be selling a lot of these new 2012 iMacs. Even at first glance it is hard to deny that these are the most beautiful iMacs that the company has ever build. The display is better than ever before and is astonishingly slim. Its no slouch either, the base 21.5-inch model is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. These new iMacs are certainly not cheap, the 21.5-inch base model comes with a price tag of $1299 and the 27-inch base model will set you back $1799.

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