Two New iPhone Cases Reportedly Being Developed By Apple

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 30 Jul 2012

The day is ripe with news about Apple and its upcoming smartphone. Earlier today it was rumored that Apple is going to announce the next generation iPhone and the iPad Mini at a media event on September 12. While that rumor holds its ground until a new one comes up, it has also been rumored today that Apple is developing at least two new iPhone cases. These cases will be announced alongside the new iPhone and will have a radical impact on the iPhone accessories market.

iphone 51 Two New iPhone Cases Reportedly Being Developed By Apple

Apple’s first major foray in to the world of accessories for iOS devices was back in 2010 when it manufactured bumpers for the iPhone 4. These were relatively modest cases which had the same external design as the iPhone itself. However in 2011 when the iPad 2 was released, Apple showed the world just how good it can be with accessories. The Smart Cover was a revolution in itself. Apple announced an updated version of the Smart Cover earlier this year at the third generation iPad launch. So it is highly likely that Apple is developing cases for its next generation iPhone as well.

According to the rumors, one of the cases will be an extension of the original bumper case that was released for iPhone 4. This new bumper case will be larger so that it fits snugly around the larger iPhone screen we have been hearing about so much. The second case is expected to be a bit fancy. Fancy meaning that this case will have a different design and it very well may have some sort of a stand as well. Its not known whether or not these cases will employ the use of magnets like the Smart Cover does.

There’s some more chatter regarding release of the next iPhone. Multiple sources are now confirming that the device will be ready for shipment in September. Its not the same with iPad Mini, which is expected to be announced alongside the next iPhone on September 12. It is being said that the iPad Mini will not be ready for shipment in September, though it is estimated that shipments will begin by November.

The next generation iPhone is expected to have a whole new design, a thinner profile, a larger screen, a smaller 19 pin dock connector as well as a lot more. The smartphone will also reportedly feature a quadcore processor, 1 GB of RAM and possibly a 12 megapixel camera. No increase in price is expected or rumored up till now.

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