Toshiba gives the Satellite C800 an early launch

POSTED BY David Allen IN Laptops ON 14 Apr 2012

Toshiba have started early when it comes to showing off their latest entry laptops designed with students in mind. It is the latest in the C series, the C800 and despite being an entry level machine; it will offer the user some serious specs and features all for starting price of just under $400.

Naturally, there will be options and upgrades, which no doubt, many consumers will go for and therefore push the price up, but even so this is a very good laptop and it comes with the design it has everything that you would expect to find from Toshiba, like the design of the case and the overall usability of the machine.

tosh Toshiba gives the Satellite C800 an early launch

From the limited information available we know that the Satellite C800 series will come with an all new 14 inch display, along with the 15.6 inch and 17.3 inch diagonal high definition TruBrite widescreen versions and the built in web camera that offers the facial recognition technology.

toosh Toshiba gives the Satellite C800 an early launch

These smart looking laptops will be powered by a variety of next generation processors from both Intel and AMD, speed, performance and prices will be the customer’s choice. There will be a choice of storage too, but only up to a 500 GB hard disk drive (HDD) and for the moment there is no mention of what internal memory choices there will be.

tsh Toshiba gives the Satellite C800 an early launch

Connectivity comes from the normal USB 2.0, fast connecting USB 3.0vi ports, a Media Card Reader, the essential HDMI port and DVD drive for watching movies on a larger screen. Other features include the Trax Texture finish in Satin Black or Fusion I finish in Mercury Silver these should keep those nasty fingerprints from covering the laptop and finally there will be a full sized keyboard, so no adjusting of hands required.

The Toshiba Satellite C800 Series laptop will have a start price of $400 and it will be available for purchase at the beginning of Q3 from all major retailers, as well as Toshiba Direct.

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