Time Warner CEO Hopes That Apple TV Materializes Soon

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 29 Nov 2012

All year round we have the rumor mill going crazy about upcoming Apple products. This year has been pretty busy with respect to rumors. First there was all the speculation about iPhone 5, which finally subsided in September. Immediately after that the cross-hair was on iPad Mini, Apple’s long awaited 7-inch tablet. That too materialized in October this year. The only thing left now is the elusive Apple TV.

For over a year now we have been hearing that Apple is working on a full fledged television set. The company has obviously said nothing about it and refuses to acknowledge its existence. On the other hand, the rumor mill is adamant that Apple is indeed working an a HDTV set which could be released sometime next year. Needless to say this television set is much awaited, even Time Warner CEO hopes that Apple releases its HDTV soon.

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Apple’s first foray in the television market was with Apple TV, a set top box that came with a hard drive. It failed to take off in a way that Apple would have wanted it to. The company then released the second generation Apple TV which proved to be a hit. Its a nifty little set top box that is smaller by a huge margin as compared to its predecessor. Content is streamed as opposed to being stored in the first generation Apple TV. The company has said that Apple TV is more of a hobby for them but seeing how there’s potential in the global television market, many believe that Apple won’t stay content with just a hobby of a product.

Enter rumors of a full fledged HDTV set from Apple. It is widely believed that this television set will have a 40″ screen and will be priced around $1500 to $2000. Siri integration as well as compatibility with iOS and Macs has also been rumored. Given Apple’s flair for design, one can be sure that if it does come out the Apple HDTV will most likely tout a beautiful design.

The rumors of a HDTV from Apple have caught the attention of media bigwigs such as Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner. He voices his belief at the IGNITION conference that Apple can create differentiation in the commoditized global television market. He believes that there exists a fundamental problem with televisions these days, which is interface. Apple is an expert at user friendly interface as well as navigation and it could pour that experience in to creating an exceptional HDTV.

According to latest rumors, the Apple HDTV set can be released around November 2013.

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