TigerText will self destruct embarrassing text messages

POSTED BY Jac IN News ON 2 Mar 2010

TigerText TigerText will self destruct embarrassing text messages

We now live in a society where mobile phone texting has become a major form of communication both socially and professionally.

The only problem is now and again we whip out our mobiles and send embarrassing or incriminating texts that we wish we hadn’t when they come back to haunt us at a later date. Just think about Tiger Woods here. Now though, we have the technology to solve that.

TigerText is a mobile phone application that will put a time limit on messages so that they self destruct after a set period and will be wiped from the receivers phone forever. You can even set it to destruct 60 seconds after being read.

If anyone is wondering if the name has something to do with Tiger Woods who recently had his saucy text messages revealed to the public, the company says it hasn’t.

TigerText was apparently created before that and isn’t aimed specifically at cheating lovers but at anyone concerned with privacy. According to Jeffrey Evans, the founder of TigerText, lawyers and business professionals are more likely to be interested.

What a convenient piece of free publicity though, TigerText the company must be over the moon about that. No doubt cheating partners will be queuing up to download the app.

If you’re interested you can try it for free before you buy but at only $1.49 a month, it’s a small price to pay for privacy if you really don’t want to risk your text messages being seen by someone else.

The recipient of your texts must also download TigerText to be able to view messages but they don’t cost anything to read.

All messages are stored on the TigerText server and then deleted minute by minute and you cannot forward a message sent by TigerText, nor can you copy it or save it. However, anyone with half a brain could find a way to ‘capture’ it if they really wanted to; they could just take a photo for a start.

Still it offers some sense of security I suppose.

“TigerText is different because, even though it looks and feels identical to a normal text message, the content of your message is never sent to the recipient’s phone and you control when the message is deleted from our server so you control the lifespan of the message!” it says on the TigerText site.

TigerText is currently only for use on iPhone and iPod Touch but it’s going to be available for Blackberry and Android mobiles soon.

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