The Number One Very Best Free Antivirus Program

POSTED BY brian IN Software ON 1 Feb 2009

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Computer viruses weren’t always such a big deal. Twenty, thirty years ago, they weren’t what they are today. They weren’t designed to steal personal information or money, they couldn’t be used to blackmail you or anything like that.

In fact, if you stop and think about it for a moment, remember how viruses and hackers were portrayed in the movies back in the eighties, when home computers first started to trickle into middle class living rooms?

The hacker was usually either a handsome young teenage boy, a real Ferris Bueller type, or a member of a shadowy government conspiracy. The viruses were used to do anything from “Bringing down the whole infrastructure”, whatever that means, to swiping a few bucks out of an ATM, as in Terminator 2.

Either way, the view we had of viruses back then was innocent, naïve, and kind of romantic, in a way. We thought it was this sort of crazy sci-fi, cyberpunk concept, that World War 3 would be fought with green 3D grids on black backgrounds (before World War 4 was fought with sticks and stones, that is).

It’s kind of disappointing. Here we are in the Twenty First Century, and all viruses do is clutter up our computers and annoy us.

Maybe the very best free computer virus killer has to be Avira AntiVir. It gets updates at least once a day, sometimes several times a day, ensuring one of the most up to date databases of known viruses anywhere. Pretty impressive for a free program… in fact, pretty impressive for a paid program, too.

It’s easy to use, too. A lot of free virus programs are kind of, well… sort of crummy when it comes to user interface. Avira AntiVirus is easy to install and easy to use. It really may be the perfect virus killer: It’s powerful, it’s easy to use, it’s constantly updating, it doesn’t need you to restart your computer with every update… and it’s free! Yep, that’s pretty much perfect if you ask me.

Just using Avira AntiVir will get rid of, pretty much, one hundred percent of all viruses. Way to take the romance out of the situation! We thought we would have to outwit computer cowboys, dodging them at every turn with our own elite computer skillz! No such luck. No flying cars, no hovering skateboards, no time machines, and viruses are just minor nuisances. And they call this the future!

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