The Inexpensive yet Stylish Toshiba Satellite T235

POSTED BY Greg IN Laptops ON 28 Jul 2010

satellite t235  The Inexpensive yet Stylish Toshiba Satellite T235The Toshiba Satellite T235 is here, and for the price being asked this laptop looks very impressive indeed.  The Satellite T235 is a Pentium or AMD powered machine, and while it may not be the fastest laptop on the block, its long battery life and great design make it a steal at just under $600.

The Satellite range by Toshiba seems to be getting bigger every day, from the tiny T210 models all the way up to the P500’s.  The T235 is one of the smallest and cheapest Satellite computers on offer, with a 13.3 inch LED widescreen, 1366 X 768 resolution, and a weight of only 3.8 pounds.  The T235 is designed as a portable laptop, and coming in at only one inch thick it certainly doesn’t dissapoint in this regard.

Despite being a small and inexpensive machine, the Satellite T235 looks very elegant and stylish.  Toshiba excel at making even their budget models look much more expensive than they really are, a trick that other manufacturers could do well to learn.  The T235 is available in charcoal, red, or white, all of which feature a subtle wave and grid style pattern.

The keyboard and touchpad on the T235 both perform well, and the overall look is absolutely fantastic with a matte chrome finish and textured palm rest.  Multitouch gestures are supported, and the typing experience is also great.

However, while the visual experience provided by the T235 is sharp and well defined, the same can not be said for the audio.  While it is becoming more common for high-end laptops to pay more attention to sound quality, it seems that $600 is still only enough for that all-to-familiar tinny laptop sound experience.

The Satellite T235 is well connected, especially when you consider the size and price point of this unit.  It looks like nothing has been left out, and there are a total of three USB ports to choose from.  The Satellite T235 is available in three different configurations, one Pentium version – the T235-S1350, and two separate AMD models – T235D-S1345 and T235D-S1340.

It is worth noting that while the Pentium or AMD processors on this computer are not going to set the world on fire, they are one of the reasons why this laptop has such a healthy battery life at just over 6 hours.  The Satellite T235 offers a lot for its price, and is a good looking and well balanced machine that will suit lots of people and a wide range of different uses.


Intel Pentium 1.2GHz/1.5GHz and 1.3GHz AMD processors
13.3 inch screen
1366 x 768 resolution
Intel HD graphics
802.11 b/g/n
USB x 3
6-1 card reader

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