The Clevo X7200 with 24 GB of RAM

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The base unit of the Clevo X7200 is shared with the Eurocom Panther and the Sager NP7280, the base specs may be similar but from here the Clevo X7200 starts to beef up with a massive 24 Gb of RAM available, it stands to reason the under the hood there are some serious components ready to spring into action.

This Clevo uses the most powerful processor available to the dealer the Intel Core i7-990X Extreme processor with hyper threading, six cores and base clock speed of 3.46 GHz, add this to 24 GB of RAM and you have a machine that is ready to take on just about anything and it does with style.

Clevo X7200 e1318221606562 The Clevo X7200 with 24 GB of RAM

First of all there is a nice sized screen with 17.3 inches of full high definition glossy display with a built in HD web camera.

This laptop is powered by the incredible combination of an Intel LGA1366 Core i7 processor with support for the Intel Core i7-990X processor and with over clocking support too!

NBK CLV X7200 ava e1318221643639 The Clevo X7200 with 24 GB of RAM

There is a choice in graphics cards from the popular dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M or the ATI Radeon HD 6990M video cards, these will also offer a choice of SLI or Cross Fire configuration according to the buyers requirements and preferences.

Storage is taken care with the choice of up to three 9.5″ hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD) in any preferred combination.

NBK CLV X7200 banner e1318221674737 The Clevo X7200 with 24 GB of RAM

Naturally, there is the HDMI output port, Up to 24 GB triple channel support and the use of two fast connecting USB 3.0 ports.

Now for the painful part, the base unit starts with a price tag of $2,100, but once the buyer has selected some high end options, gone for the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system and maybe a custom design for the casing the bottom line could easily be approaching the grand total of $10,000

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