Tegra 3 Can Become the Real Challenger for iPad 2’s A5

POSTED BY Radu IN Uncategorized ON 30 May 2011

In the battle of the chipsets, Apple’s A5 is currently ruling the game but it has got competition: Tegra 3. Nvidia’s chip is quite a powerful challenger with its four processing cores, twelve GeForce graphics units and stereoscopic 3D support.

iphone A5 processor Tegra 3 Can Become the Real Challenger for iPad 2’s A5

Nvidia has presented Tegra 3’s capabilities in a video called „Glowball”. The new technology features true dynamic lightning options available for the first time on mobile devices.

„Glowball also leverages the accelerometer inside the device, affecting real-time movements of drapes throughout the game. As the user tilts the device, the gravity in the scene changes and drapes respond accordingly. The movements are calculated using physics and are simulated across Project Kal-El’s four CPU cores. Again, no canned animations. As the ball rolls through the drapes, they respond how you’d expect them to in real life. In addition, as the ball collides into the jack-in-the-boxes and barrels, the scene responds. Notice how the visual quality degrades when only two CPU cores are used. It’s clear that the quad-core processor in Project Kal-El is required for this level of realism”, the company explains on its blog.

154 Tegra 3 Can Become the Real Challenger for iPad 2’s A5

This new chip could mean bad news for Apple’s processors. Tegra and A5 both use ARM’s CPU blueprints, but Nvidia has two main advantages: graphics expertise and power efficiency.

Unlike other companies which license graphics technology from Imagination Technologies and use the tile-based graphics rendering, Nvidia has its very own GeForce designs for mobile graphics which allow it to use the more efficient share-based approach for rendering graphics.

Nvidia Tegra 2 powers most non-Apple tablets but the processor is being replaced with Tegra 2 3D which provides a faster 1,2 GHz CPU frequency and 3D display add support.


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