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Dos Para launches the Note Critea VF17H2

This is the all new Note Critea VF17H2 from the Japanese based manufacturer Dos Para; it is a great looking laptop with a nice sized 17.3 inch screen, powered by Intel Core processors, Nividia graphics and an HM76 chipset all ready to take the user to the limit and beyond.┬áThe only downside for this laptop…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 25 Nov 2012

Another new notebook from Dospara

Here is yet another new and it has to be said powerful notebook from the Japan based Dospara, it goes under the model number VF17H2 and is part of the popular Note Critea range of laptops that offer high specifications for a reasonable price structure.┬áThis model has the ever popular 17.3 inch display, it powered…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 2 Nov 2012