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Mouse Computer releases the LB-S221S-SSD laptop

Once again the Japan based Mouse Computer have released another new laptop, this time it is known as the LB-S221S-SSD the clue is in the name as this is a laptop with a solid state drive rather than an hard drive, this saves on weight and size. Overall the LB-S221S-SSD could be classed as an ultra…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 5 Nov 2012

Mouse Computer launches the new LB-S221S-SSD

Yet again, we amazed to find that the Japan based manufacturer Mouse Computer has launched yet another new laptop. This time it is the LB-S221S-SSD, a small 11.6 inch machine with an i5 Intel Core processor, with an Intel chipset and graphics too. This is a laptop that comes with a choice the now standard colours…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 31 Oct 2012