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The new Ideapad Z500 Touch from Lenovo

With the launch of the Windows 8 operating system a new range of laptops have started to appear, these have the appearance of a standard laptop, but with one key difference the touchscreen! Like a smartphone or tablet, these new laptops are fast becoming the popular choice with buyers. Which is why Lenovo has launched a…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 4 Jun 2013

Check out the new Acer C710-2487 Chromebook

Here is the latest Chromebook from Acer; it is the latest edition to the C7 range going under the model name of the C710-2487. It has an 11.6 inch screen, Intel Celeron processor, HD graphics card and NM70 Express chipset. Naturally being a Chromebook this is running on Google’s Chrome operating system and this is…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 15 May 2013

Dospara shows off a new ultrabook

Trust the Japanese based computer maker Dospara to come out with a new machine that is going to turn the ultrabook market upside down! This is the Note Erdes Book ST1, it has all of the qualities required to be called an ultrabook, such as being powered by Intel Core processors, a solid state drive…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 29 Apr 2013

Dospara releases another new gaming laptop

The Japanese based computer maker Dospara has been at it again, but this time the new release is aimed at the gaming sector! this new laptop is part of the Note range of laptops and Dospara have called it the Rigel 2442VH, which is a bit better than giving it just a number, plus the…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 17 Apr 2013

Dospara launches the Note Raytrek QK2000

This is the latest laptop from Dospara; it is called the Note Raytrek QK2000, which is a bit better than some names we have seen recently. This is a 15.6 inch laptop with Intel Core i7 processing power, Nvidia graphics and a huge 1 TB hard drive. so this is not your average entry level…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 26 Mar 2013

Mouse Computer launches a new m-Book W series

If there is one computer manufacturer that is pumping out new models like there is no tomorrow it has to be the Mouse Computer company. Here is the latest edition to the m-Book W series range, it is the MB-W903E a nice sized 17.3 inch laptop with Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce graphics….

POSTED IN Laptops ON 6 Mar 2013