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Kouziro Frontier launches the FRNV620 / D laptop

This is the latest offering from Kouziro Frontier, they have named it the FRNV620 / D! It’s a laptop aimed at the middle of the market, which actually means it’s for those users who need more than the entry level machines can offers and who do not pay over the odds for a laptop with…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 24 Feb 2013

Unitcom releases the Lesance BTO GSN7X4-EXEZ-680MSLI

Once again Unitcom is delivering the goods, when it comes to high end laptops; this is the latest addition to the Lesance range, the BTO GSN7X4-EXEZ-680MSLI! It comes with a 17.3 inch display, Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia graphics, 1 TB HDD and a massive 480 GB SSD. You might think that this is a…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 20 Jan 2013