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Unitcom releases the Lesance BTO GSN7X4-EXEZ-680MSLI

Once again Unitcom is delivering the goods, when it comes to high end laptops; this is the latest addition to the Lesance range, the BTO GSN7X4-EXEZ-680MSLI! It comes with a 17.3 inch display, Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia graphics, 1 TB HDD and a massive 480 GB SSD. You might think that this is a…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 20 Jan 2013

Mouse Computer launches the NEXTGEAR-NOTE i970BA3

This is the all new NEXTGEAR-NOTE i970BA3 gaming laptop from Mouse Computer; it has a great look to it and features to match too. Gamers being so demanding about their gear might be thinking that a $2,000 Mouse Computer cannot hack in their world; well it seems that the NEXTGEAR-NOTE i970BA3 might be worth taking…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 24 Dec 2012