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The new LB-K600S from Mouse Computer

Here is a new middle of the range laptop from the Japan based Mouse Computer, it’s the LB-K600S and it is going to offering the buyer a nice 15.6 inch screen, an Intel Core i7 processor, NVidia & Intel graphics and battery pack that offers up to five hours of power depending on how the…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 29 Jun 2013

The new Fangbook from Cyberpower

This is the new Fangbook from the LA based computer maker Cyberpower, they are calling it the X7-100 but what it should be called is WOW! Because this is an exciting development in the gaming sector of the laptop market and as usual when it comes to gamers it is going to mean choices and…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 16 Apr 2013

Mouse Computer launches a new m-Book W series

If there is one computer manufacturer that is pumping out new models like there is no tomorrow it has to be the Mouse Computer company. Here is the latest edition to the m-Book W series range, it is the MB-W903E a nice sized 17.3 inch laptop with Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce graphics….

POSTED IN Laptops ON 6 Mar 2013

The all new Getac B300 tough laptop

If you are looking for the ultimate in laptop toughness then maybe the new Getac B300 might be the ideal thing to be checking out. It’s big, tough and more than that is looks tough too! This laptop has been tested to meet military standards, so that just shows that the B300 is can take…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 15 Dec 2012

Another new notebook from Dospara

Here is yet another new and it has to be said powerful notebook from the Japan based Dospara, it goes under the model number VF17H2 and is part of the popular Note Critea range of laptops that offer high specifications for a reasonable price structure. This model has the ever popular 17.3 inch display, it powered…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 2 Nov 2012

High end laptop launched by Mouse Computer

Here is yet another new laptop being launched by the prolific manufacturer Mouse Computer, it is an idea replacement for either a deck top or notebook, depending on the requirements of the consumer and their budget of course, because this laptop is not cheap at around $1,250. The MB-W901B-SH is big laptop from Mouse Computer, offering…

POSTED IN Laptops ON 30 Oct 2012