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POSTED BY Greg IN News ON 20 Dec 2010

tablets Tablets, Tablets, TabletsIf 2010 belonged to the iPad alone, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the tablet.  While some products have already been released and a number of manufacturers have announced details, it is at CES where we are likely to find out all the details of the up-and-coming tablet onslaught.

The vast majority of new tablets in 2011 will be sporting the Android OS, with a few notable exceptions.  The Research In Motion (RIM) Playbook is one of the most serious non-Android competitors, with an OS that has been designed from the ground up by BlackBerry and is compatible with already existing BlackBerry apps and services.

A number of other non-Android tablets are likely to feature Windows 7, and even a branded Microsoft tablet is not out of the question some time next year.  HP are also breaking the Android mold with their WebOS Tablet, a device which a number of trusted sources have pinned down for an early 2011 release.

However, if you are in the market for a tablet and you don’t want an Apple iPad, it is most likely you will be buying one of the many, many, many devices that are being designed with Android operating system.

Both Acer Windows 7 and Acer Android tablets are likely to be shown off at CES 2011.  Acer are covering all bases with both major operating systems being represented, with the Windows 7 tablet likely in February and the Android a little later in April.  Archos have already got multiple Android tablets on the market, and they too are likely to announce even more at CES 2011.

Asus will be announcing all the details of their $399 Android tablet at CES, which is likely to be out in March and will complement the companies existing Windows tablet.  Other companies who are developing Android tablets and will release details at CES include Creative, Dell, Entourage, Fusion Garage, LG, Motorola, MSI, Notion Ink, Samsung, Toshiba, and ViewSonic.

In fact, one of the only major companies who have not released any details about an up-and-coming Android tablet is Sony, who may be waiting a little longer to see which way the market goes.  All of this is very good news for anyone who is shopping for a new tablet in 2011, as all display sizes, configurations, and budgets are likely to be catered for.  However, as is always the case with healthy competition – the hardest part will be making a choice.

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