Seagate GoFlex Satellite – The First Wireless HD for iPhones and iPads

POSTED BY Radu IN Uncategorized ON 17 May 2011

Seagate has announced the launching of GoFlex Satellite, a 500 GB hard disk which can be accessed via iDevices. The hard disk manufactured by Seagate has a special WI-Fi interface which uses the GoFlex Media app to allow iDevice users access the whole content stored on the hard disk.

goflex satellite wireless Seagate GoFlex Satellite – The First Wireless HD for iPhones and iPads

Seagate says that their new hard disk has 25 hour autonomy but it can play films for only 5 hours – the difference is quite big and the film playing autonomy is rather low.  Despite this fact, users can access this small hard disk using any devices incorporating Wi-Fi chipsets; web content can be viewed and administered using a web interface. The hard disk also offers the possibility to transfer content via USB since GoFlex Satellite incorporates USB 3.0 technology.

Users can transfer almost any type of content from their computer to GoFlex and then access it using another computer, laptop or iDevice. This is a very interesting device but here is the catch: it has a $200price tag. The price is rather high for such a hard disk but those who want to have maximum portability can pre-order it here. The pre-ordered hard disk will be delivered the following month.

„With GoFlex Satellite, people will be able to carry their entire media library with them without the need for wires or the web at a fraction of the cost of adding 3G or purchasing or a higher capacity tablet”, said Patrick Connolly, vice-president and general manager of Seagate.


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