Samsung readies the NP700G7C-S01US for launch

POSTED BY David Allen IN Laptops ON 23 Feb 2012

There seems to be some confusion over the latest 17.3 inch Series 7 laptop from Samsung the NP700G7C-S01US. First of all, it appeared on the Samsung website ready to take pre-orders with a starting price of $1,900!

However, anyone visiting the Samsung website will find that the page is still there, but the content has been removed, which is strange and looks like the website released the details too early and then removed them hoping that nobody would have noticed.

The key point here is the inclusion of the latest third generation of Intel Core processors otherwise known as Ivy Bridge, according to Intel these are not due to be released until sometime in April and therefore that means the NP700G7C-S01US cannot be released until after the launch date.

Samsung NP700G7C S01US Samsung readies the NP700G7C S01US for launch

Therefore, with details being a little thin on the ground we will need to dig deep to see exactly what this Series 7 laptop has to offer the consumer. First of all, it will have a 17.3 inch full high definition display with a 1920 × 1080 of pixel resolutions and a neat little built in web camera.

samsungivy Samsung readies the NP700G7C S01US for launch

As mentioned earlier it is going to use the next generation Intel Core i7-3610QM quad core processor, which should be good for up to 2.3 GHz and video is controlled by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics card. There will up to 16 GB of internal memory available and a massive 2 TB of hard disk drive (HDD) space available coming as two 1 TB drives or possibly the choice of an 8 GB solid state drive (SSD).

 Samsung readies the NP700G7C S01US for launch

Other details include the Blu-ray disc player; the aluminium case is thin and light measuring between 1.3 and 2 inches thick and weighing in at 8.4 pounds, which is not bad for portable gaming laptop, although battery life may be an issue.

We believe that the Samsung NP700G7C-S01US Series 7 laptop will launch sometime in April with a starting of around $1,900!

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