Samsung Copied Apple’s Charging Cable Socket Design?

POSTED BY Radu IN Uncategorized ON 12 May 2011

Was anybody still having doubts that Apple was suing Samsung for no reason? Maybe the below image will  make you change your opinion. The object you can see in the photo is actually the new charging cable for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

samsung socket copy apple Samsung Copied Apples Charging Cable Socket Design?

There is no need for explanations regarding how much the iDevice charging cable looks like with the Galaxy Tab’s charging cable. Many people defended Samsung when Apple accused them of having copied the iDevice design. But this time there is no solid ground that could explain what Samsung have done.

The photo was published on Twitter by somebody who received a Samsung tablet and was amazed to see an Apple cable used for a Samsung product. There are so many charging/ synch standards available but Samsung has chosen the 30-pin cable that looks similar to that used by Apple for their iDevices. Chances are that the image is indeed genuine and it is likely that a Google search will show us other images with the same charging cable.

So, have you changed your opinion about Samsung?

Obviously, Samsung could defend them by blaming it on the manufacturers or on the “coincidence”, but let’s be real, out of all the world’s shapes; they had to choose something 90% similar to Apple?



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