Safari Air where every seat has a MacBook Laptop

POSTED BY Jac IN Laptops, News ON 12 Dec 2009

Safari Air Safari Air where every seat has a MacBook Laptop

Can you imagine flying on an aircraft where every single seat is equipped with an Apple laptop computer complete with wireless in flight entertainment and the Internet at your disposal?

An aircraft where you don’t have to worry about offsetting your carbon emissions because for every single passenger mile sold, the airline buys carbon offsets, the funds of which will be invested in renewable energy.

An aircraft where the onboard chef prepares wonderful gourmet meals for you to enjoy on your flight. Certainly would beat the cardboard sandwiches we get on some of the less luxurious airlines I won’t bother to mention.

Of course, this is all fantasy, right? I mean, there’s a recession going on, right? Wrong! Not where Safari Air is concerned.

Safari Air, a brand new luxury private jet charter service, is the dream of Ken Jillson and is about to take off, literally.

Ken is the President and Founder of Safari Air LLC, the first carbon-neutral luxury private jet charter service, which offers flights on a per-seat basis.

Thanks to a unique partnership with computer giant Apple, Safari Air allows all its passengers personal use of a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop so you can work in style.

If you want to relax and take it easy, then use the laptop along with the Bose Qc3 headsets to watch a movie of your choice — there are about 250 to pick from — or you can listen to iTunes streamed wirelessly.

“Because there is no fractional ownership commitment, no prepaid blocks of charter time or need to charter an entire jet, Safari Air’s business model breaks the mold in the luxury private jet charter sector and opens the door to a wider audience allowing more business and leisure passengers the opportunity to fly privately in financially-turbulent times,” Jillson said.

To start, there are weekly flights from John Wayne Airport to New York that will set you back $5,950 — one way.

Eventually, Safari Air will fly to various other destinations that will include Honolulu, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, among others.

There’s also an East African 21-day around-the-world package, at a cost of $144,500 per person. You’ll have to be quick, as those seats are practically sold out. Really.

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