Refurbished iPhone 5 On Sale For Just $99 In USA

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 24 Nov 2012

The global smartphone market has two fierce competitors. Apple and Samsung have both cemented themselves as major players in the worldwide smartphone market. Earlier this year Samsung released Galaxy S 3 which has sold millions of units around the world up till now. A few months after that the Korean manufacturer came out with Galaxy Note 2 which too proved to be an instant success. Apple wasn’t going to sit quietly when all this was happening. Merely a couple of months back the Cupertino California based company finally released the much awaited iPhone 5. While it is more of an evolutionary model instead of a revolutionary model that everyone was expected, the iPhone 5 shows strong sales nonetheless.

If you’re in the USA and want to pick up an iPhone 5 but don’t want to pay too much up front, you will be happy to know that refurbished iPhone 5 models can be purchased directly from Apple for as low as $99 only.

iphone 5 apple Refurbished iPhone 5 On Sale For Just $99 In USA

Usually refurbished models can be purchased directly from Apple. However seeing as how the iPhone 5 is barely two months old right now, it is logical for Apple to not begin selling refurbished models of said smartphone so as to not hurt prospective sales on full prices. However AT&T in the USA has begun selling refurbished iPhone 5 models to its customers.

There is nothing wrong with a refurbished model. Seeing as how AT&T uses official manufacturers to refurbished used iPhone 5 models, there will be no problems with the actual device whatsoever. It will definitely offer the same user experience that a new iPhone 5 will offer. Moreover AT&T has all iPhone 5 models available in refurbished conditions, meaning that the base model can be bought for as low as $99 only.

The pricing for refurbished iPhone 5 is as follows: The 16GB iPhone 5 is available for only $99, the 32GB refurbished model comes with a $199 price tag and the 64GB refurbished iPhone 5 comes with a price tag of $299. AT&T is limiting the purchase of these refurbished iPhone 5 models to just 5 per household. Moreover customers will also have to buy a two year calling plan with AT&T along with these models. It goes without saying that these refurbished iPhone 5 models are locked to the AT&T network.

For all we know these reduced prices might be part of some Thanksgiving or Black Friday deal AT&T is offering to its customers. Right now these substantially discounted prices can be obtained exclusively through AT&T’s website.

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