Redesigned 2012 iPhone Was Worked Closely On By Steve Jobs

POSTED BY Adnan IN Laptops ON 18 May 2012

Apple is yet to announce it’s 2012 iPhone. However it has been reported that deceased CEO Steve Jobs worked very closely with the design team for next iPhone. Since Apple has retained the same iPhone design for two years now, they obviously will be giving the 2012 iPhone a completely new design. Keeping in mind the fact that Steve Jobs was working on the design aspects, we can expect the next iPhone to surpass all of it’s competitors at least in terms of design. It is also widely believed that Steve Jobs has left Apple with five years worth of products, which means that the immediate future of this company is more than secure.

steve jobs apple ceo computers 01 Redesigned 2012 iPhone Was Worked Closely On By Steve Jobs

Well known publication Bloomberg publishes an article in which it cites people with knowledge of the plan. These people tell that Steve Jobs actively participated in the design of Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Before passing away in October 2011, Steve was working with the design team. Johnny Ive, Apple’s design maestro has always been close to Steve as both of them share a unique flair for impeccable design. So regardless of the fact that Steve Jobs is no more, Johnny Ive will see to it that the next iPhone is above par in terms of design.

Given the fact that Samsung has already released it’s flagship device for 2012, all eyes are on Apple as it gears up to release next generation iPhone. Much has been speculated about the release date of this device, but well placed sources tell me that it’s not going to happen before Fall 2012. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly likely that Apple is going to introduce an iPhone with a bigger screen this time. The bigger screen is just one part of the whole redesign that the iPhone is going through, as there are indications that use of a liquid metal body enclosure will be employed as well.

The next Apple iPhone is expected to have a quadcore A6 processor, 1GB of RAM, 12 megapixel camera on the back, 4G LTE connectivity and an all new design. Consumer anticipation for this device is through the roof already. Moreover the increasing amount of rumours and speculation further add fuel to the fire. Apple will surely want to clinch back the title of world’s largest smartphone manufacturer which it lost to Samsung in Q1 2012. If the next iPhone delivers how it’s expected to, this can happen all too well for the Cupertino California based company.

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