Redeem Gift Card In iTunes 11 Using The Camera Of Your Computer

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 30 Nov 2012

It has been less than a day since Apple released iTunes 11. This much awaited iTunes update comes after a number of delays. Now its finally here and can be downloaded straight away for Windows and Mac. iTunes 11 comes with a host of new features apart from the user interface changes as well as the changes made to the iTunes Store. iTunes is an integral part of the entire iOS spectrum and without it content management on iOS devices would be a real headache.

Among the many features of iTunes 11, there is a new feature which lets users redeem gift cards simply by using the camera on your computer. This feature will definitely be appreciated by those who were always irked by typing long redeem codes manually.

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iTunes 11 is a major update to the iTunes software which was in the pipeline for a long time. Apple had delayed its release a number of times just so that they could get it right on the very first try. They seem to have done a good job with it as iTunes 11 does all of those things perfectly that we were told it would do. Apart from all of the other features that iTunes 11 brings, the most notable are those that have been made to the iTunes Store. It is perhaps the most used service for content such as tv shows, movies, music, apps, games and a lot more.

There was a fundamental problem with iTunes Store before, the navigation was tricky and not as user friendly as it should have been. Now with iTunes 11 Apple has fixed that and navigating through the content has never been easier. On the face of it this gift card redemption feature may look small and even overkill, but its definitely a huge deal for those who regularly use iTunes gift cards. Remember that around $2 billion of iTunes Store revenue comes from gift cards.

Since cameras weren’t able to recognize iTunes gift cards before, obviously a new type of card had to be made. The card shown above now contains a box in which there is a sixteen character code. This box defines the parameter that the camera scans and then automatically redeems the iTunes gift card. If you wish to enter the code manually, that can also be done. Though these sixteen character codes are tricky and prone to mistakes, so its better to use the automated option that has been so magnanimously provided to us.

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