Receive Android Notifications On PC Using DeskNotifier For Android

POSTED BY Adnan IN Software ON 27 May 2012

DeskNotifier for Android is an amazing application that allows you to receive notifications of your Android device on PC. Alongside the app itself, a client software is run on the PC which then shows you all of the notifications. This app is amazing to say the least, not only does it display notifications on the PC, it also saves a phenomenal amount of time when you’re hard at work on your PC and don’t want to get up and check your Android smartphone which is lying somewhere in the vicinity.

desk notifier android Receive Android Notifications On PC Using DeskNotifier For Android

The Android platform is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms of today. Google activates well over 800,000 new Android devices every single day, globally. This number will continue to grow as dozens of manufacturers keep rolling out newer Android devices. Every user has their own preferences and while stock options try to cater to their every need, sometimes its the third party apps and services that really unleash the potential of a modern day device.

Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days. It really becomes a nuisance if your device is being charged in one corner of the room while you’re working away on your PC in another corner. Getting up and physically checking the device for notifications at every beep is tiresome. If you have an Android device and you usually face this issue, DeskNotifier for Android is the perfect app then.

The best thing about DeskNotifier for Android is that not only does it show notifications on the PC, it also enables you to interact with those notifications right from the PC itself without even having to hold your device. So if you receive an email or SMS, not only will you be notified but you will also be able to send a reply right from the PC itself.

There’s a caveat though. DeskNotifier is currently only available for Windows. OS X users can not take advantage of this awesome app. To make this work, the device must either be physically connected with the computer via USB, or wirelessly over the local Wi-Fi network. Apart from email and SMS notifications, DeskNotifier will also push Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp notifications as well as of others. DeskNotifier is available as a free download from Google Play Store. It requires you to have an Android device running version 1.6 or higher in order to install and run this app.

Download DeskNotifier for Android
Download DeskNotifier Client for Windows PC

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