Real Ridable Robots for Sale

POSTED BY McEvoy IN Uncategorized ON 13 Jul 2006

r7 Real Ridable Robots for SaleA Korean company called Robot3 builds robots designed for purely for fun including for entertainment at parties and other events.

The most geektastic one in the bunch is a $5,250.00 four-legged beast called R7, which has a plush seat you can sit in while it walks around under your control. W00t.

The company also makes robotic animals, including ridable horses, a raptor, and a bartender which would be very cool to own. Robot Bartender, bring me a pint of Guinness please. They even appear to sell a robot woman! What more do you need in life? Get yours now simple smile Real Ridable Robots for Sale

Update (9:44 pm): Apparently the site links for the robots are not working now due to a 503 service error which means the web server is currently unable to handle the HTTP request due to a temporary overloading. I guess to many people want Bartender robots.

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