Over 30 Million Samsung Galaxy S III Units Sold Worldwide

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 3 Nov 2012

If anyone harbored suspicions that Samsung will never emerge as a dominate player in the global smartphone market, they have been proven wrong by the Korean manufacturer. In fact Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, even surpassing Apple and its hugely popular iPhone in the process. The company has cemented its position in the smartphone market and is definitely not dropping from the radar any time soon.

Just last month Samsung revealed that it had sold over 20 million Galaxy S III units worldwide from the date of its release. Merely a month later the company’s official figures peg the total number of units sold at 30 million. That is a whopping increase of 50% in sales in just under one month. Galaxy S III is the company’s flagship Android smartphone and judging by its strong sales, this number is not going anywhere, except up.

black galaxy s 31 Over 30 Million Samsung Galaxy S III Units Sold Worldwide

In the near future, Samsung will definitely see a sharp increase in the sales of all of its smartphones. The holiday season is fast approaching and there is a renewed consumer interest in such devices. The Galaxy S III is a mighty smartphone, paralleled perhaps only by the Apple iPhone 5. Though something tells me that the former will definitely eclipse the latter in terms of sales around the world.

The Galaxy S III may be given a tough time by Samsung’s very own Galaxy Note 2. This device, affectionately called phablet, has also done quite well in the market with upwards of 10 million units being sold globally already. The Galaxy Note 2 packs even more power and certainly offers more bang for the buck. It goes without saying that Samsung and its Android powered smartphones trump any other Android device available in the market today. The 30 million sales figure is a testament to that reality.

Nevertheless things tend to change quite quickly in the fast past technology market of today. The Google Nexus 4 has already been announced and upon its release, it may prove to be a competitor for Galaxy S III. Until that happens, Samsung will probably have sold a lot more millions of their premier Android smartphone. We should also not forget the fact that a Galaxy S IV is already in the works over at Samsung. With the amount of success the company has garnered with Galaxy S III, one can only fathom how dominating the next Galaxy S smartphone will be in the global smartphone market.

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