Nook Color – Android Tablet or E-reader?

POSTED BY Radu IN Mobile ON 31 Mar 2011

Most people know already that the best tablets that have been developed so far are Apple’s iPads. It is true that Android delivers a great operating system, but its tablets have never been starters in this niche. However, the fact that Google rivals Apple for such a long time gives us a strong subject to debate. Moreover, it seems that it is ready to strengthen its position onto the gadgets’ market with the latest “tablet” that adopted Android, the Nook Color.

The Nook Color device is an e-reader that can be easily “upgraded” to a full Android tablet. As yet, “upgrading” this device actually means to hack it in order to transform it into a tablet, which might not even work. In addition, those who are doing this thing lose the warranty of the product. But if the users of Nook Color are willing to wait for a while, they can enjoy the new official updates that transform this e-reader into a full Android tablet. This thing is possible as the great giant, Barnes and Noble, truly considers developing this product into a better device.

Meet Nook 1 Nook Color   Android Tablet or E reader?

For the moment, the developer does not give any details about the new updates but it has already mentioned that the users are going to enjoy some great applications that take them to a completely new level. Of course, as most of us suspect, this actually means that the Nook Color device is going to be upgraded to Android 2.2 and will carry along its own Google Android Apps Market.

Many networks and apps stores present the forthcoming upgrade of Nook Color e-book reader. Of course, this is not surprising especially that Google, similar to other developers, is trying to maintain its position onto the market. As it cannot fight against the illicit modalities of transforming the Nook Color e-book reader into a full Android tablet, Google considers that the best thing to do is to upgrade the device into a new product.

Of course, this is a truly great, as the users of Nook Color will enjoy operating a full Android tablet. And even though the upgraded Nook Color cannot compete with a real iPad, it definitely provides its users the chance to explore the upgraded capabilities at about half of the price of an iPad.




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