Nokia Will Support MeeGo for N9 In The Future

POSTED BY Radu IN Mobile ON 9 Jul 2011

Klas Strom, Nokia’s marketing manager for Nokia N9 has insisted on reassuring potential customers that the company will support MeeGo in the future.

The Finnish company will continue to support the operating system in the years to come, and various apps will offer users a full multimedia and business experience, Strom tweeted.

nokia n9 41 Nokia Will Support MeeGo for N9 In The Future

“We will support Nokia N9 for years and release SW updates, […] not to worry”, his tweet reads.

Nokia N9, the first Finnish smartphone to run MeeGo as its operating system, has been looked down upon by people due to the platform’s apparent lack of development prospects.  MeeGo is an open-source platform based on Linux, which is also used by Intel, Novell and AMD.

Despite Strom’s reassuring statements, the Finnish company will most likely focus all its energy on Windows Phone 7 handsets and MeeGo will no longer be a priority in the near future.

It appears that the Norse gods are not favoring Nokia anymore. The company is basically a sinking ship, while its captain, CEO Stephen Elop does not know in which way to turn the helm. The company that invented the concept of smartphone has already lost the battle on the smartphone market segment and will soon lose its influence on the low-end segment because of the invasion of cheap Chinese handsets.

What Nokia really needs to do is define its strategy, choose a limited number of products, improve them at then come up with a strong marketing campaign for the respective products.

The company cannot stop its demise if it continues to waste its energy on several fronts. MeeGo is a great operating system, no doubt about that, then why didn’t they continue to develop it instead of announcing their partnership with Microsoft? And why release such a wonderfully designed smartphone with an OS that is not your primary concern?



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