Next Generation iPod Touch With A5 Quadcore Processor, Larger Screen And iPad Form Factor Rumored

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 24 Jul 2012

2012 is the year of great products. Earlier this year Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company had a lot of great products lined up for release this year. Up till now they have released new Macbooks and the third generation iPad. In the coming months Apple is expected to release the next generation iPhone, in October to be precise.

However before the October event takes place, the Apple Music Event is expected to take place in September. It is at this event that Apple announces its latest line of iPods. Rumor has it that the next generation iPod touch will come with the A5 quadcore processor, a larger screen as well as a form factor similar to that of the iPad.

ipod touch 2012 e1343147152925 Next Generation iPod Touch With A5 Quadcore Processor, Larger Screen And iPad Form Factor Rumored

There is a lot of speculation regarding upcoming Apple products, but this is the first major rumor related to the next generation iPod touch. The device was up for a refresh last year. Apple did not make any significant upgrades to the iPod touch last year, all they did was release the device in white color. Naturally the company will be making a significant update this year around. Regardless of the speculation, there exists a big possibility that the quadcore A5 processor will make it in the final product release. 1GB of RAM will accompany this quadcore processor.

The iPod touch has always been referred to as in iPhone without the phone. If this device is released before the next generation iPhone it may be able to give us an insight of what the next iPhone may look like. Latest rumors suggest that the next generation iPod touch will have a larger screen similar to what is expected to go on the next generation iPhone. Moreover the device is also said to have a thinner profile overall. It may also feature the smaller 19 pin dock connector and the repositioned headset jack on the bottom.

It is also being said that the next iPod touch will have a back plate made out of aluminium like that of the iPad. Previous iPod touch models have featured polished chrome back plates which can easily be scratched all while being fingerprint magnets. There is no specific word on the release date but it is expected to take place in September according to my sources. Finer details such as pricing as well as availability will be revealed by Apple only when and if the event happens.

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