Next Generation iPhone To Feature Smaller 19 Pin Dock Connector

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 23 Jul 2012

For some of us October can not come quickly. Apple is expected to reveal its next generation iPhone in October later this year. The company has been its usual tight lipped self regarding this device. Nevertheless scores of rumors have given us an idea of what to expect from Apple’s next smartphone. A new report which came out earlier today confirms previous speculation that Apple will be including a smaller dock connector this time around. The next iPhone will reportedly feature a 19 pin dock connector.

2012 iphone Next Generation iPhone To Feature Smaller 19 Pin Dock Connector

It was always an Apple tradition to announce a new iPhone at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Last year the tradition was not followed and Apple delayed the iPhone 4S release till October. Now it is speculated that Apple will follow up consistently with its October time frame for a new iPhone release. The company is expected to make some spectacular changes in its new smartphone.

According to rumors the next generation iPhone will boast a quadcore processor coupled with 1GB of RAM, greater on board storage, a larger screen, a thinner profile and possibly a 12 megapixel camera on the back. iOS 6 will ship as the default firmware on next generation iPhone. Much of this information has been rumored time and time again though the specifics will obviously be revealed when this smartphone is unveiled later this year.

As far as the dock connector goes, Apple has always used a 30 pin dock connector across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This means that not only users can use a single charger with any of these products, they can also utilize accessories and components such as iPod docking stations or camera connection kits without having to buy a separate one for each product. All older iOS devices use the 30 pin dock connector. If Apple makes the switch now to a 19 pin dock connector it definitely means that all future iOS products will come with the same connector.

This smaller dock connector will allow the device to be more thinner and will blend in perfectly with the headphone jack that is rumored to being shifted right next to the dock connector. The 19 pin dock connector will no doubt be a welcome addition but it will render older accessories useless for next generation iPhone users. The fact remains though, if the next generation models of iOS devices are supposed to have this smaller dock connector, why did Apple not incorporate the 19 pin dock connector on the third generation iPad which was released in March earlier this year? Who knows what Apple is thinking. We’ll only know for sure come October 2012.

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