New Nexus Phone To Be Manufactured By LG, Being Announced With Android 4.2 Next Month

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 5 Oct 2012

It has been over an year since Google released their Nexus smartphone. At that time, it was the first device to ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy Nexus, developed in partnership by Samsung and Google, was and to this day one of the most sold Android powered devices. Now its high time for Google to announce a Nexus successor and for the last couple of weeks we have been hearing a lot of rumors about the possibility of a Galaxy Nexus II release in the very near future.

There have been information leaks regarding Nexus II and just last week a photo, allegedly taken with Nexus II camera, cropped up online and added more fuel to the already raging fire. Word on the street today is that the next Nexus smartphone may be developed in partnership by LG and Google. Furthermore it is being said that the new Nexus will come pre-installed with Android 4.2.


Galaxy nexus New Nexus Phone To Be Manufactured By LG, Being Announced With Android 4.2 Next Month


Actually the news spreads far and beyond just Android 4.2 and a new Nexus device. Google is also said to be initiating a new Nexus certification program through which various manufacturers will be able to make their own Nexus devices, provided that the devices meet the strict rules and regulations that are laid down by Google. On the other hand, rumor has it that Google is planning to release a new Nexus smartphone developed in collaborating with LG at a special event in November. Android 4.2 will also be rolled out at this event and the new Nexus will come with it pre-installed.

The rules and regulations laid down by Google in the new Nexus certification program are as follows: The devices must use a stock version of Android meaning that there can not be any flashy additions such as TouchWiz, MOTOBLUR etc and at least 64 MB of memory has to be dedicated towards media streaming apart from a host of other hardware specifications that must be met. This is to ensure that these devices are capable of being upgraded to Android 5.0. LG Optimus G Nexus is believed to be the first device that will be manufactured under this new program.

With all this taking place, rumors of a Galaxy Nexus II to be developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung are still strong. Many developments are being made on this front and it will take a couple of months for things to be presented in a more clear cut manner. One thing is for sure though, in the very near future Android enthusiasts are going to be treated to some very amazing Android powered devices.

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