New MagicTalk Service Promises Free Calls

POSTED BY Greg IN News ON 13 Aug 2010

magictalk New MagicTalk Service Promises Free CallsInternet phone providers MagicJack are about to release their MagicTalk service, which is promising free phone calls from computers, smartphones, and iPads.  While a number of other online phone services are already available, MagicTalk is aiming to take the lead with free landline calls to the U.S and Canada and no time limits at all.

While Google Voice and other similar products already exist, MagicTalk are going down a different route with a purely software-based solution.  In contrast, Google Voice works through regular telephone hardware, with all mobile phone use both timed and charged.  A number of free Internet phone services also exist, but only connect to other numbers within their own network.

The reason why MagicTalk is free for users is simple, as Vocaltec Limited – the company behind the product – are charging other phone companies for all calls placed to numbers on their network.  International calls are also charged, so the service is only really free for domestic use within the United States.  MagicTalk differs from the companies MagicJack product, which uses a small hardware box to interface between a regular phone and a computer.

MagicTalk users receive a phone number when they sign up to the service, and will also be able to move their existing phone numbers to the MagicTalk service at a cost.  While it looks like MagicJack is still going to be the lead product in the range, MagicTalk looks like a great software based solution for anyone who is sick and tired of expensive telephone bills.

It seems that the success of MagicJack has energised the research department of VocalTech Limited, who are also working on a device that can connect wirelessly to mobile phones and route calls over the Internet without using up timed minutes.  It seems that a new age of online-based telecommunications may finally be coming.

The new MagicTalk software is available next week, for both Windows and Apple computers.  The smartphone version of MagicTalk is going to take a little longer however, with iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android versions set for release sometime during September or October.

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