New iPhone 5G Case Shows iPad Screen Ratio

POSTED BY Greg IN Mobile, News ON 18 May 2011

iphone5 case1 300x279 New iPhone 5G Case Shows iPad Screen RatioIn a recent mockup of a new iPhone 5G case, the iPhone is shown with the same screen ratio as the iPad and a new flash component.  While it has not been confirmed and may not even be legit, there are many reasons why it would make sense to have the same screen ratio on the iPad and iPhone.

The mockup comes from a listing on Guangdong, China-based Kulcase’s trading site  It claims to be the “Newest design crystal case for apple iPhone 5g”, with front and back photos showing a larger edge-to-edge screen and a new flash.

According to Tab Julius, a software engineer with Dynamic Network Systems in an interview with PCMag:  “The iPhone currently has a 2:3 screen ratio (320×480). The iPad has a 3:4 screen ratio, or, rotated, 4:3. I suspect the wider screen on the supposed iPhone 5 is a move to the same screen ratio as the iPad. The photograph supplied is obviously smaller, but the ratio should hold.”

Julias goes on to say:  “The photograph measures roughly 105×143 screen area, which if you want to wiggle a bit, is pretty close to 108×144, which would, in fact, be a 3:4 screen ratio—the same as the iPad.  So I offer that the iPhone 5 photo is real, and shows an effort to move the iPhone to the same screen ratio as the iPad, which would be a logical thing to do.”

Apple have a history of not being able to keep its case designs under wraps, with a number of pictures of iPad 2 cases hitting the Internet long before the phone hit the shelves.  In fact, some of the workers at Foxconn’s Shenzen, China plant, were arrested by Chinese authorities and officially charged with violating company trade secret regulations for leaking case designs to third party suppliers.

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