New HTC Android Smartphone With 5 Inch 1080p Display Expected In Fall 2012

POSTED BY Adnan IN Mobile ON 6 Aug 2012

The smartphone battle has considerably heated in 2012. Samsung has already made waves with the Galaxy S III, its flagship Android smartphone which is doing very well in the market. Apple is expected to announce its next generation iPhone this September. HTC is also a manufacturer that holds a substantial share in the smartphone market. A new HTC Android powered smartphone with a mammoth 5 inch 1080p display is expected to be released this September or October. By the looks of it, HTC hopes to challenge the new iPhone with its own new flagship device.

HTC Sensation 29 New HTC Android Smartphone With 5 Inch 1080p Display Expected In Fall 2012

Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes is once again speculating about an upcoming device, only this time its not an Apple device. It should be kept in mind that this trade publication has a hit or miss track record with rumors. There is always a possibility that their sources are not privy to the correct information. Nevertheless, sources believe that HTC is developing an Android powered smartphone with a total resolution of 1794×1080 on a 5 inch display. The reason why the total resolution is not 1920×1080 like it should be is because 126 lines have reportedly been left for navigation buttons.

DigiTimes is not the only one with information on this new HTC device. Various sources have mentioned about a new HTC smartphone for the past couple of months. As this point in time, it is being said for sure that this device indeed has a massive 5 inch display with a possible full 1080p resolution. Apart from that the device is also said to have its own Scribe Pen. HTC first introduced the Scribe Pen with its Flyer tablet. No definite word on finer hardware specifications. The processor is believed to be a quad core Krait chip. RAM quantity, on board storage, camera specs and other minor details regarding the device are not known as of now. As far as the OS on this smartphone is concerned, it will most definitely be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Information on availability and pricing has not been revealed as yet but with August slowly coming to an end, within a couple of weeks more information on this new HTC Android smartphone is bound to come up. From the looks of it HTC is looking forward to get its own iPhone competitor out in the market. Whether or not it will be able to stack up well against the New Apple iPhone, remains to be seen.

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