New Apple iPhone Rumored To Feature 8 Pin Dock Connector And Enhanced Bluetooth

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Aug 2012

The rumors keep getting better and better. It is expected that the Cupertino California company will unveil its latest smartphone in September. However before that happens we will have to wade through countless rumors and speculation from a variety of different sources. New rumors contradict old ones, and that is exactly what the latest rumor does. It is now being reported that the next iPhone will have an 8 pin dock connector as well as enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.

new apple iphone e1343401620284 New Apple iPhone Rumored To Feature 8 Pin Dock Connector And Enhanced Bluetooth

Last week various sources claimed that Apple will substitute 30 pin dock connector with a smaller 19 pin dock connector. This transition is apparently being made to provide an overall thinner profile to the next generation iPhone. A smaller dock connector would also free up space for the repositioned headset jack we have been been hearing about. A few case and panel leaks have also corroborated rumors about a smaller dock connector on the new iPhone.

According to latest rumors, the dock connector will be even smaller than the 19 pin one. Apple is expected to introduce an 8 pin dock connector which would be drastically smaller than its 30 pin predecessor. Since there are a plethora of accessories available for iOS devices, Apple is said to offer an adapter which would make the transition to this smaller dock connector easier. The 30 pin dock connector has been standard on all iOS devices ever since the original iPhone was released back in 2007. So one can image how many accessories will become obsolete when the 30 pin dock connector is phased out for the new 8 pin one.

The next generation iPhone is also reportedly going to have enhanced Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This is currently an unannounced iOS 6 feature and will be made public when the product announcement takes place. Since this enhanced capability is said to be an iOS 6 feature, it will also be available for all other supported iOS devices. This means that there would be increased connectivity between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices as well as latest Mac computers.

All we have right now are rumors regarding the next big smartphone of this year. Apple has already stated countless times that their products for this year are going to be mind blowing. The company is expected to shake things up with its latest iPhone which is going to be a lot better than its predecessors. If all goes according to plan, we shall have a radically redesigned, featured packed new iPhone by mid September.

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