New Android Apps on PlayBook

POSTED BY Radu IN Mobile, News, Software ON 27 Mar 2011

Research in Motion has just made an important announcement that responds to thousands of technology addicts’ hungriness: the new PlayBook tablet is going to be released soon. Even greater, this tablet will run different applications that are developed in Java (BlackBerry) and for Android 2.3.

Lately, the word “Android” is what technology devotees want to hear. For this reason, the experts from RIM chose to add Android 2.3 application options, which could be easily downloaded on BlackBerry Tablet OS. This thing provides a great versatility that ensures the tablet’s success even before to be released.

qnx android2 New Android Apps on PlayBook

The forthcoming tablet highlights a high compatibility level that is much appreciated by most users who are seeking such a device for a long time. Even though many rumors have disclosed the fact the RIM was thinking to allow Android applications on PlayBook tablet, people were expecting the official statement, which finally ended any doubts.

It is true that the developer had worked hard for BlackBerry development and invested an important sum of money in QNX, which sustains that table’s BlackBerry operating system. However, the fact that it accepted to run Android applications on its tablet might provide the expected outcomes, which are so difficult to get in such a competitive field.

The users might guess but the developers surely know that applications are the most important weapons in the war of this particular IT branch. It seems that RIM has become a very important competitor on this market segment, by simply creating the most efficient strategy: the use of various and numerous applications. This is definitely good news for anyone, including RIM and Android lovers. And of course, this is great and definitely compelling news for those who are thinking about buying the forthcoming PlayBook tablet.

Even though the producer of the tablet did not mention anything about the number of applications that could be downloaded on this new device, people already make different assumptions about the availability of a very high number of new applications. However, we are going to find out if this thing is true or false as soon as the producer will release the PlayBook tablet in April.



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