Microsoft Show Off a Future Tablet Release

POSTED BY Greg IN News ON 27 Aug 2011

Microsoft has shown off a future tablet at the TechEd conference in New Zealand, running Windows 8 and sporting a quad-core processor.  While this device will not be available on the shelves for several months, it offers some hints on the future of Microsoft in the tablet arena.

The tablet was reportedly running on a quad-core ARM processor, making it more powerful than most tablets currently on the market.  With the use of tablets exploding around the world, and consumers starting to use them as their sole computing device, manufacturers are more likely to offer this kind of power in 2012 and beyond.
NZ Day 7 024 thumb Microsoft Show Off a Future Tablet Release
However, some commentators were expecting even more muscle, with Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group, saying this to TechNewsWorld:  “That’s still pretty light but the extra cores really help a fully multitasking OS like Windows. A lot of things run in the background, and ARM cores don’t have much headroom.”

Quad-core processors are the future for personal tablets, with many manufacturers likely to jump on-board in the next few months.  “Most of the next generation of tablets using Qualcomm and Nvidia processors are quad-core. So we’ll see this broadly in a few months,” said Enderle.

Details on the rest of the spec sheet are scarce to non-existent at the moment, with Microsoft unwilling to comment on this device.  However, commentators have been expecting Microsoft to get serious about the tablet market for a while now, and this device offers us the first glimpse.

“It is supposed to start beta in a few weeks. It looks like they are shooting to release it mid next year,” said Enderle, although at the moment, this tablet is more of a proof of concept being prepared for the Microsoft developer conference in September then it is a real product.

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