Make your Own iPad and Tablet Stylus

POSTED BY Greg IN Offbeat ON 14 Mar 2011

Tesla3Big 300x199 Make your Own iPad and Tablet StylusIf you still haven’t found the perfect stylus for your tablet, the guys at Rainy Day Projects may be able to help.  They show you how to make your own stylus for free, using nothing more than a Bic pen and an old power cord.

Despite the fact that the iPad is not pressure sensitive, some people still seem keen for a stylus to replace finger input.  A number of commercial solutions have come out, including the Pogo Sketch, Griffin Stylus, and Namad Brush.  However, if you want to check out stylus input without spending anything at all, it might be easier than you think to do it yourself.

A stylus for the iPad or any other tablet can be made from anything conductive, including foam, metal, and skin.  This means it is actually quite easy to make a simple stylus if you use your imagination.  However, the folks at Rainy Day Projects have taken things to another level, by making a brush-style stylus that could be used to paint or draw on a tablet.

They have made a brush out of the copper strands from a power cord, holding it all in place with nothing more than an old Bic pen.  While this design is far from perfect, apparently it is too soft to scratch the surface and it does produce some really lovely effects.  I can imagine a digital artist with a whole collection of DIY stylus, using different widths of copper and different materials altogether for ultimate control.

The biggest drawback with this design seems to be that the bristles easily go out of shape, so Rainy Day Projects are crowd-sourcing to search for better materials.  However, it does go to show that sometimes innovative products can be very easily made using nothing more than the leftovers of everyday life.

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