LG will release the Z430 Ultrabook during Q1

POSTED BY David Allen IN Laptops ON 31 Jan 2012

LG have raised the stakes when it comes to ultrabooks with the new Z430 laptop, this is a real smart looking machine finished in polished metal and as light as a laptop could be. The Z430 is not currently available but is definitely worth the wait to see if is actually does live up to the standards that LG claim.

When LG says that the Z430 Ultrabook is going to be compact, they meant it, because of its slim bezel the Z430 has a fourteen inch display panel fitted into the same chassis that would have been used for a thirteen inch notebook.

lg xnote z330 1 LG will release the Z430 Ultrabook during Q1

Other features are that it is powered by the top of range Intel Core i7 processor, comes with a choice of a solid state drive (SSD) or a hard disk drive (HDD) or both! With a storage capacity of up to 500GB

Buyers will love the Super Speed Boot with just twelve seconds of booting up time. It is thin with a 19.9 mm thick chassis, light at 1.50 kg in line with super Ultrabook demands and it comes with a very smart looking metallic cover with a gyro-brush line finish.

lg z430 ultrabook ces preview 0 LG will release the Z430 Ultrabook during Q1

According to J.J. Lee, who it the Executive Vice President and Head of LG Electronics IT Business Unit, he said in the official press release for LG;

“At this year’s CES, LG will showcase products that are not only new, but also establish categories defining new standards for personal computing devices,”

He finished off by saying;

“Our new products feature a range of breakthrough technologies from LG, such as IPS display, glasses-free 3D and Super Speed Boot, that will noticeably elevate the personal computing experience. These technologies reflect our goal of satisfying various consumer demands, as well as our aggressive strategy for 2012.”

lg z430 ultrabook ces preview 4 LG will release the Z430 Ultrabook during Q1

LG will be launching the Z430 ultrabook range during the first quarter of this year, when we will be getting more specifications and prices.

Source [Akihabara News]



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