Laptop To TV: How To Make The Connection

POSTED BY Dave IN Mobile ON 8 Aug 2008

To connect a laptop to a TV, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of laptop you have and the adapters located on your television. If you want to learn how to connect a laptop to TV, first start with understanding how the process works. When you connect a laptop to a TV, you will be able to finally watch all of the movies, videos and reruns of your favorite television shows when you have time. In fact, many networks will allow you to download their shows after they air for the first time, just minutes after. If you miss your favorite reality television show, or you want to catch that movie at home, you can now do so.

To make the connection from TV to laptop, first make sure your television has all the necessary connections. Older televisions, those older than 8 to 10 years especially, will not have the necessary S-video connections needed, or a way of using them. Check your owner’s manual (or look it up online if you don’t have it) to make sure this is available for your television.

To connect the TV to laptop, you’ll need the laptop also to be designed to allow this method. It will need to have a TV Out video card. If not, install an Mpeg decoder card. You can find these available online to download. The only problem is that with some Mpeg cards is they won’t play all types of files, especially not .mov or Divx files.

There are other cables to connect laptop to TV available, too. The S-video cable is the most commonly used, but the VGA cable is also an option, especially for HDTV’s.

Once you have all of the necessary cables to hook laptop to TV, the next step is to make it happen! The process is fairly simple. With both the TV and the laptop off, then plug the cable in to both systems. You may have to make sure that the television is on the correct video mode to see the video, which simply means switching to the S-video on the television.

If you have any trouble finding these cables, or the right video mode for either your television or your laptop, chances are you can find additional information through your owner’s manual. Each system will be a bit different, but all television manufacturers offer directions in their owner’s manual, which is available online. To connect laptop to LCD TV or any other TV, follow those simple steps.

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