Is Laptop Screen Radiation A Myth ?

POSTED BY Dave IN Mobile ON 2 Oct 2008

Luckily, laptop screens generate considerably less radiation than desktop towers. Unfortunately “considerably less” isn’t exactly the same as “none at all”.
Most of the electronic devices in our homes generate some degree of radiation, from television sets to microwaves to computers to, yes, even refrigerators, to some degree. The fear regarding laptops is thanks to a couple of things…

Laptops are wireless

macbook air Is Laptop Screen Radiation A Myth ?

We still don’t know a whole lot about the subject, but there is certainly fear that cellular phones and wireless internet may contribute to cancer thanks to how much radiation they generate. We’ve seen studies pointing to cell phones possibly giving you brain tumors, and others pointing to cell phones being relatively harmless. Luckily, most research leans towards cell phones and wireless internet being mostly harmless.

Laptops sit on your lap

In other words, laptops aren’t too far from your reproductive organs. There is some fear that this can cause infertility and cancer. This sounds scary, but let’s be completely honest…

It’s mostly paranoia.

You’re not exactly X-Raying yourself without a lead apron here. There has been no conclusive evidence linking the relatively minor amounts of radiation generated by laptops and other computers to any form of cancer. Even myth of getting eye cancer from sitting too close to the TV screen has been debunked.

Obviously, you shouldn’t test your luck. You don’t want to sit in front of two big screen TVs with a laptop hooked up to three monitors and a cell phone in either hand on a daily basis. Enough prolonged exposure to radiation may very well lead to health complications. But, regular use really doesn’t seem to pose much of a threat.

Again, there has been no conclusive evidence showing any real results on either side, but the fact remains that millions of people are walking around with cell phones and laptops and not getting cancer.

This doesn’t mean that there’s zero risk, but there is far, far, far less risk of getting cancer or becoming infertility thanks to laptops than some people fear. Wearing your pants too tight is more of a threat to your fertility than using a laptop.

If you keep a laptop on your lap all day long for days on end, sure, there’s some degree of risk. It’s not going to give you cancer overnight, but it won’t exactly help matters, either. And if you keep your laptop on a desk or table, there’s little to no major health risk in normal to slightly-more-than-normal use.

Unless you’re using your laptop as a seat warmer, it looks like we can (mostly) chalk this one up to distrust of new technology.

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