iTunes 11 For Mac And Windows Announced With New User Interface

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 13 Sep 2012

It was an absolutely hectic day yesterday as Apple’s iPhone 5 release event brought many more announcements that we had expected. Regardless of the multiple new products we were treated to and the myriad of software related announcements that were made, Apple also took out the time to announce the latest update of iTunes. It has been quite some time since Apple released a major update of its iTunes software. The official date of release has not been revealed yet however Apple did give us a detailed look in the next major update now known as iTunes 11.

itunes logo iTunes 11 For Mac And Windows Announced With New User Interface

iTunes has been around since the early days of the iPod. Initially it was a software for managing music on your computer as well as transferring songs over to your iPod. In recent years it has evolved in to so much more for that. iTunes is now more of a content hub from where not only can you access latest music, movies, TV shows etc but can also manage that very same content as well as apps on your iOS devices.

iTunes is an integral part of the iOS ecosystem and it is not going anywhere soon. Rather Apple is making it better and better with each new major upgrade that it drops on us every single year. The core features of iTunes 11 are the same as before. You can browse for music by genre, artist or album just like before. A nice new change is the ability of artists to be able to share images right through iTunes. The biggest noticeable change is definitely the new user interface which is simple, sleek and very user friendly. You see rows and rows of gorgeous album art, click on which would open a list of tracks contained in that respective album.

itunes 11 e1347574760633 iTunes 11 For Mac And Windows Announced With New User Interface

Frankly iTunes 11 looks quite similar to the Music app on iPad, which is phenomenal too. Artist and album view have been tweaked a little, but they retain the overall simplicity and sleekness of the new user interface. iTunes 11 also comes with split screen view allowing you to manage trivial tasks within the app without interrupting any music that you might be listening to through iTunes.

itunes 11 2 e1347575009107 iTunes 11 For Mac And Windows Announced With New User Interface

Another nice new feature is the new mini player mode. When activated the full iTunes window is transformed in to this little mini player which shows what artist and song you’re listening to. Basic stuff, but quite informative as well as useful. Apple says that iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows will be available next month in October.

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