iTunes 11 Download Is Now Available For Mac And Windows

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 30 Nov 2012

There has been much talk about iTunes 11 over the past couple of months. iTunes 11 is the latest major upgrade to this software which is essential for all iOS devices. Apple had announced it a couple of months back but had not provided a concrete release date. Many had expected that iTunes 11 will be released at the iPad mini event but that did not happen. Apple eventually said that they were going to delay iTunes 11 release because they wanted it to be just perfect when they released it.

Starting today iTunes 11 download is available now for Mac and Windows. Apple has finally released the much awaited major iTunes update and needless to say, it does not fail to impress. The software has been overhauled nicely and it is now better than it was ever before.

itunes logo iTunes 11 Download Is Now Available For Mac And Windows

iTunes is a much needed software for all iOS device owners. It has been around since the first iPod was released. Initially the core function of iTunes software was to manage music on the iPod and act as a music player for the computer. Over time as iPods evolved and were followed by iOS devices, iTunes evolved too. It is no longer just a music player or manager now. iTunes now features iTunes Store which is the prime destination for apps, movies, games, tv shows, songs and a lot more. iTunes is also the required software for managing all sorts of content on an iOS device.

So it goes without saying that iOS device owners can’t live without iTunes. So it is about time that iTunes was bearable, as many users felt the contrary. For long users have complained that iTunes is too bulky and that it takes up a big amount of resources. Navigation in iTunes Store has also been criticized a lot, but all that changes with iTunes 11.

Many changes have been made to the user interface of iTunes 11. iTunes Store has also under gone a change and now the navigation is quite easier than before. The design elements remind us of iOS 6, and the new user interface looks beautiful. Apart from the usual performance and stability improvements, iTunes 11 is now a lot faster and takes up less resources. It looks like Apple has addressed all grievances that users that. There’s also a new mini player for the computer, it has an easy to use interface for listening to music without have a big iTunes window open.

iTunes 11 download can be done from Apple’s iTunes page, or by launching Software update on your Windows or Mac computer.

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