iPhone 5 Supply Demand Gap Almost Bridged In USA

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 29 Nov 2012

Whenever Apple releases a new hardware product a demand supply gap always ensues. Its because almost every product that Apple releases is immediately craved for by millions of customers around the world. Surely a company can only make so many of any given product. The company tries its best to foresee such issues yet demand is always higher than the supply coming in from China, where Apple products are made.

Apple launched iPhone 5 at the end of September. USA is one of the first countries to receive any new Apple product, obvious because Apple is an American company. Even with the preferential treatment a demand supply gap of iPhone 5 has existed ever since the device was made available for pre-orders online. Now it looks like the iPhone 5 supply demand gap has almost been bridged by Apple as shipping times have dropped from their previous highs.

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Only recently the online Apple Store was projecting a one week shipping time for iPhone 5 units ordered online. Previously the estimated shipping time was as high as three weeks. That’s not all, availability of this product at Apple Retail Stores in the United States is now better than ever before, so much so that according to a poll certain Apple Retail Stores have nearly every model of the iPhone 5 readily available in the store.

Regardless of the fact that iPhone 5 production has been marred by issues initially, the supply looks pretty constant now and there are no evident signs of constraints. Its exactly what Apple would have wanted as the company intends on making this device available in 100 countries by the end of next month. With the holiday season just around the corner it is vital for Apple to ensure smooth iPhone 5 supply so as to cater to the demand which is literally through the roof all around the globe.

Analysts who keep track of Apple predict that in this quarter Apple may sell as much as 50 million iPhones globally. In Q4 2011 Apple sold a record 37 million iPhones and the iPhone 5 is surely going to break that record in this quarter. Sales are particularly going to be strong over the holiday season as Apple makes the device available to new locations. China has granted network certification to iPhone 5 and the smartphone will also officially go on sale there soon. By the looks of it all, the iPhone 5 has been a phenomenal hit for Apple. If you’re based in the USA, it should now be quite easy for you to get your hands on an iPhone 5.

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