iPhone 5 Has Been Granted Network Certification In China

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 29 Nov 2012

Merely a couple of months ago Apple released iPhone 5 to the public. This latest iPhone model is selling like hot cakes around the world. Apple has already sold a record number this quarter and there are no signs that the sales are going to drop any time soon. Consumers around the world love iPhones in general and the iPhone 5 in particular, so there’s no reason why this particular device won’t be much revered in China as well, the country where all Apple products come to life.

China generally takes a bit longer than other countries to grant network certification to devices. This is the only reason why an official iPhone 5 release has not taken place as yet in China. It was reported earlier today that iPhone 5 has finally been granted network certification in China. This means that an official release is not that far off in the People’s Republic.

iphone 5 preview iPhone 5 Has Been Granted Network Certification In China

The certification comes at a key time for Apple. With holiday season just around the corner an official release of iPhone 5 in China would do wonders for the balance sheet of Apple. That’s not all, the holiday season coincides with the Chinese New Year. With such major festivals coming up ahead, it is imperative for Apple to get its iPhone 5 out officially in China as soon as it can.

It’s not like an iPhone 5 can’t be bought in China right now. The grey markets are flooded with handsets that come in from countries where this smartphone has already been launched. There’s a big caveat though. Grey market sellers charge a high premium for these devices which substantially raises the cost. Regardless of that a plethora of units are sold and will continue to be sold, the extortionate prices notwithstanding.

China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center wrote in its license that iPhone 5 is compatible with China Telecom which happens to be the third largest mobile network in a country with popular in excess of 1.3 billion. China is a highly lucrative market and history tells us that iPhones usually go on sale officially merely weeks after the certification has been granted by the relevant Chinese authority.

China Telecom started taking pre-orders for iPhone 5 last week and given how the iPhone 5 has been granted network access in China, there is a huge possibility that the units will be shipping to those who have already ordered in the near future. The company is well aware of the excessive demand in China and they will definitely be keeping that in mind.

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