iOS 5.1.1 Build 10A831 For Apple TV Released, Comes With A Lot Of New Features

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 30 Nov 2012

Apple has a foot in the door of the global television market, courtesy of its set top box better known as the Apple TV. The company itself says that this product is merely a hobby for them, however it has still managed to sell multiple million units around the world. It offers a good experience if used in conjunction with other iOS devices in the household. Even on its own the Apple TV provides full access to the entire iTunes library of music, movies and TV shows which can be streamed at the touch of a button.

Apple has released a new software update for this underrated iOS device. iOS 5.1.1 Build 10A831 has now been released for Apple TV. It is an incremental update and comes with a load of bug fixes and performance improvements. Though Apple has tucked in a couple of new features as well.

appletv e1354291204940 iOS 5.1.1 Build 10A831 For Apple TV Released, Comes With A Lot Of New Features

The previous iOS update for Apple TV was a major one. iOS 5.1 for Apple TV brought with it a host of new features, apart from user interface improvements. Apple TV now supports Shared Photo Streams, AirPlay and multiple iTunes accounts which can easily and swiftly be switched. iOS 5.1.1 for Apple TV now eliminates any bugs that might have been present in the previous update. Also, this update is only available for second and third generation Apple TVs only, just like iOS 5.1 is.

The new feature added to Apple TV in iOS 5.1.1 is called iTunes Up Next. It adds support for Up Next with iTunes 11 or iTunes Match. Basically iTunes Up Next allows you to see upcoming songs when playing music on your Apple TV. Users also have the ability to add new songs and edit what’s queued with the Apple TV Remote or by using the Remote app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It is actually quite easy to update the firmware on your Apple TV. Just fire it up and go to Settings followed by General then Update. It will automatically search for an update and then download it over WiFi. Installation of this update will be done by the Apple TV on its own. Once the firmware has been installed it will reboot to finish the installation process. Alternatively you can also update the firmware by connecting the Apple TV to a computer and then updating its firmware through iTunes. Download iOS 5.1.1 for Apple TV 2G here and for Apple TV 3G here.

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