How To Enable Facebook Photo Sync On iOS And Android

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

Facebook is hands down the largest social network in the world. It hosts over one billion users and that number continues to grow exponentially every single day. In less than a decade Facebook has gone from being a campus limited network to an online behemoth which is now also a publicly traded entity. The folks at Facebook are not resting on their laurels. In the fast past technological world of day, there is no time to rest. Recently they had a new feature called Photo Sync in private beta, but today that feature has been released for iOS and Android apps.

Photo Sync is an amazing feature which not look substantial, but its worth its while. Basically Photo Sync allows a Facebook user to automatically post their pictures on Facebook.Its a nifty little feature geared primarily towards those users who tend to share a lot of their photos on Facebook.

Facebook 1299512c How To Enable Facebook Photo Sync On iOS And Android

On the face of it Photo Sync looks like a feature that would undermine a user’s privacy. Not everyone would be comfortable with having every image they take being shared on Facebook. The company knew that it would prove to be the problem so they have made Photo Sync as opt in feature. Users must explicitly agree to use Photo Sync, its not a feature that would be rolled out to every single Facebook user by default.

Its really not that hard to opt in to Photo Sync for iOS and Android. Basically there are two different methods of enabling Photo Sync feature on your iOS or Android device. Launch the official Facebook app on your device and go to Photos from the menu. The Photo Sync section can be located by scrolling to the very bottom of the Photos area. Or you can open up your account through Facebook website on the computer, go to Photos followed by the Synced from Phone option, which can be found at the top.

Do keep in mind that all photos uploaded automatically via Photo Sync to your Facebook profile initially go in an album that is not visible to any of your friends except you. From that album you can choose which picture you want to be publicly visible with your connections on Facebook. This is a really handy feature and it seems like Facebook has all the possible kinks worked out already. Do give Photo Sync a try out on your iOS and Android device and be sure to let us know what you think about it.

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