How Social Media Technology Is Shaping Our Lives

POSTED BY Natalie IN News, Popular ON 13 Jan 2012

Sometimes we forget that there’s a whole lot of technology behind our favorite social media sites.

Sometimes it’s a platform, sometimes it’s an app, sometimes it’s software.

But looking at the biggest events in social in 2011, it became clear that social media, and the technology that powers it, has an amazing ability to help shape our lives.keyboard large How Social Media Technology Is Shaping Our Lives

The year started off with the Day of Rage against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the Arab Spring protests, both powered by social media. The ability of people in oppressive regimes to express themselves anonymously and powerfully through social apps such as Twitter and Facebook meant the world could see not only the conditions these people lived under, but also that they didn’t like it, no matter what their governments might say.

It ended with the end of Gowalla — its acquisition by Facebook will end the service and absorb its staff into the social behemoth’s location applications, changing how we share where we are and what we’re doing.

This infographic from Flowtown looks at the biggest news out of social media in 2011.

social media in review11 How Social Media Technology Is Shaping Our Lives

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