Google TV coming to a set near you soon

POSTED BY Jac IN News ON 3 May 2010

Google TV Google TV coming to a set near you soon

The rumours of Google TV have been doing the rounds for a while now but the latest word on the street is that Google TV could be quite a bit nearer to become a reality than we thought and that Google may be ready to announce details as soon as this month.

Google will apparently partner with the likes of Sony, Intel and Logitech to bring products that support Google TV although none of these companies have uttered a word about it so far.

The most likely time for Google to showcase Google TV will be at the two day Google conference in San Francisco starting on 19th May where Google traditionally demonstrate new products.

So what can we expect with Google TV?

Well the rumours are that it will run on an Android based system with an Atom chip and with a Chrome browser, none of which is really surprising, and it will possibly come as a Google TV branded set top box.

The software will basically bring an Internet style to TV the likes of which we haven’t seen before and will include videos, internet searches, applications and other internet style content delivered straight to our television sets.

We’ve also heard that people who are “familiar with the matter” are saying that Google have been conducting small scale testing of the television service with Dish Network.

Why are Google so keen to offer Google TV?

That’s a no-brainer really, according to The New York Times sources “Google wants to be everywhere the Internet is so they can put ads there”, which means of course that with internet on the TV their ads would be able to reach more viewers, which means more revenue for Google.

What we don’t know yet is how well Google TV will take off, if it ever does take off. Google have had successes in the past as we all know, but they’ve also had miserable failures like Google Wave.

We’ve had internet television sets before but maybe we weren’t ready for them, now according to some market researchers, internet televisions are hitting it big time, iSupply for example reckon that sales of internet enabled TVs will climb to over 87 million units over the next three years.

So if Google TV does inspire us, it could change the way we view television altogether, in other words we will no longer see it as a separate entity, and our TVs could be turned into massive web terminals. Cool!

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