Google Chrome For iOS Now Comes With Passbook Support And More

POSTED BY Adnan IN Software ON 29 Nov 2012

There was a time when Google’s only strength was considered to be its search engine. Those days are long gone. Now Google has a comprehensive product and service line. Nevertheless its core product is still search, which is unparalleled even in these times of technological advancement. Google has ventured in to many avenues including but not limited to web browsers. They have dominated this avenue as well with their Google Chrome browser.

In only a few short years Google Chrome has become one of the widely used internet browsers. It is available for PCs, Macs as well as Google’s own Android OS. Just a couple of months back Google released Chrome for iOS and it too became an instant hit. The internet search behemoth has now rolled out a new update of Google Chrome for iOS which comes with Passbook support and much, much more.

google chrome ipad Google Chrome For iOS Now Comes With Passbook Support And More

iOS comes with its own mobile Safari web browser which is no slouch. Users love it and many usually stick with it as opting for third party browsers does not seem like a good option to them. Mobile Safari was greatly revamped in iOS 5 as it became faster and better than ever before. Improvements were made to this browser in iOS 6 as well. However if the stock browser is not your cup of tea, Google Chrome is perhaps the second best web browser for iOS out there, never mind the fact that the App Store is home to dozens of third party web browsers for iOS.

Google has been consistently working on Chrome for iOS and that is why it has been receiving regular updates. The salient feature in this update is Passbook support in iOS 6. Boarding passes can be directly saved to Passbook straight from Chrome browser. Chrome for iOS now also has the ability to open PDFs in external PDF reading and editing apps such as Adobe Reader. Support for text encoding is also present alongside a host of other small changes. This new Chrome for iOS update also comes with a number of performance and stability improvements, and bug fixes.

Google Chrome for iOS is available as a free download from iTunes App Store. It is a universal binary, meaning it has native compatibility with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is capable of running iOS 4.3 or higher iOS firmware version. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5 and its larger 4″ inch display.

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